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Last night I dreamed, and again I felt again like last time your delicious nakedness was covered with my body, but long ago that. In a dreamlike reality we were together, in a pleasant room, in a passion hd scene, I did not recognize as my own, and I assume then, was the bedroom every night you share with him whom you swore to be faithful every day of your life. And perhaps knowing myself an intruder in your space quickened my pulse and triggered in you an unusual lust, a savage determination and chutzpah that dulled my senses.

With a leer I do not remember seeing before your beautiful eyes, you kissed me mouth, neck and took the big dick banging. With an overwhelming intensity you could devour greedily every centimeter of my sex, looking at me with gall now that I look back, you smiled with malice unknown for me and you stepped back, and after standing over me, with the sheet you said something about the pain of your nudity and the ravages of pregnancy. I know it was a dream, and I still unworthy your behavior. I find it outrageous that could come to think that something so insignificant could impair your incredible beauty.

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There, kneeling upright against the wall and had her mouth open with getting my cock again and again. In and out at it will not take long to soak the mixture of juices that did nothing but add curiosity to the situation, her fingers intertwined with mine they never showed any sign of resistance and for the second time an electric shock ran through my being, mandatory stop signal. his eyes were clear and her makeup was just a random mix of spots scattered her eyes and cheeks. His breathing was deep but calm as he dropped inaudible murmurs, just recording for the passion how his big cock in pink pussy got to pleasure a girl, I climbed down her cheeks and kissed her burning angel lips, I looked her tongue to dally with mine, so that entangle and let me try that combination of flavors that had become one. Her moans drowning in the product cave of the union of his mouth and mine rumbled a delicious, slide both hands under her dress and pulled her panties to her knees, that while she let out a moan more obvious, a groan that revealed their situation, their desire, their anxiety.

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He took me to the terrace, I placed it on the hammock and undressed me; slowly, as a passion hd scene, while my eyes expressing our dialogue so that only we understood. When his tongue disappeared between my legs, my thighs contracted and introduced his tongue between my lips delving into my wetness … that began to emanate alone with him. My fingers tangled in his hair strands, stroking, pressing harder as his tongue took a deep breath out of me, sipping my wistful clitoris. I could not contain the turmoil that shook my whole body and fucked up facial orgasm was not only physical; my soul, my mind and my heart … throbbed to merge the physical pleasure and that fed my soul what I wanted the race in the park …When my breathing resumed its normal pace, I could see the wonderful horizon that offered us the attic. That horizon that after months of burying feelings saw a different light, our light, the petite skinny babe he would own for life.

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, was always so turned on by her sexy step-brother. He was so hot and handsome which made her pussy so wet thinking of him. She had always wanted to taste his cock so bad. So one day, when mom and dad weren’t there, she took this opportunity to seduce him as much as she can so that she has some hard passion fucking. He too got turned on by the way she rubbed her hands on his thighs. They got undressed and started fucking each other so hard. Watching this act is PassionHD would surely turn the audience on and make them go crazy. After quite sometime of hard passion fucking, He had cum so hard on her pink, lovely tits.

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Hot brunette Michelle Taylor and her husband had the best time of their sex life during their holiday to LA. They loved each other so much and would never miss a chance to fuck each other so hard. But things were not going right between them lately. So her husband had decided for a trip so that they sort things out and make everything alright. They had booked a room in a grand hotel and they just couldn’t wait to fuck each other so hard. That day, they got nude and this great body babe had given him an oil fantasy massage which tuned him on so much. Eventually, they lost all their anger and sadness in a Passion  sex and everything seemed alright after that.

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My friends wife really made me so horny. I would think of her during nights and masturbate so hard. She was always my dream girl and unfortunately, she was my friends girl. I was so jealous of this fact and I wanted to fuck and punish this teen at least  once in my life. The right time came when I had gone to my friends place to know that he wasn’t there but this heavenly beauty with natural boobs was standing by the door and asked me to come in for a cup of coffee. I started seducing her by rubbing my hands over her arms and This did make her so horny. All my dreams had come true by the best HD sex we had had.

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This big tits blonde, natural teen Alexis Adams was always started by guys all the time. She was so steaming hot daring sex and she could make a dead man’s dick erect. One of her friends father had always used to stare at those big boobs and she noticed him doing that many times. One day, she had come to her friend’s house knowing that she wasn’t there.
All she wanted was to taste her friends dads dick so much.  She started kissing him so passionately and which made him so horny for her. This act eventually turned into one of the best Passion sex, that anyone could ever experience. She had got herself satisfied when he had cum so hard on her mouth.

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The small tits blonde Lily Rader in these passion-hd porn video knows what it takes to make us guys horny. She knows that she has an sexy petite body that she can show to tease and please us. A great body that she uses so well in this passion sex scene. As you watch her scene you will her masturbating, use some dildos, getting banged with passion and ending with a hot facial cumshot !
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In this Passion HD episode we have a super sexy chick Molly Manson who uses this awareness to make an incredible fuck scene. Let me tell you what I mean. All through her scene she makes sure that she keeps eye contact with the camera. Thereby giving us the impression that she is not just fucking some random big cock guy but is actually fucking us. Giving us a passion blowjob and a facial cumload that we won’t forget anytime soon.
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This chick Amia Miley has a really big pair of boobs and a perfect ass. In fact, the tits are so big and the butt so strong that I wonder how she rides this guy’s cock without tipping over. She has to be really off balance by being so top heavy. However, after a nice soapy shower she does manage to balance her pussy on this guy’s cock, very hot!!! I guess that she really has a strong set of thighs to be able to accomplish this act. A hardcore scene with blowjob and fucking in bathroom only here at Passion-HD !
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